• Is a military veterans organisation duly registered with the Department of Defense in terms of regulation 4 of the Regulations of Military Veterans of 2001
  • Is a member of the Council for Military Veterans Organisations of South Africa (CMVO)
  • Is a duly registered NPO - 014-415

Core Purpose

Is to be the most influential veteran organisation, upholding and working towards good, effective and efficient management of the affairs which are noble and righteous for the association and its members.


To promote pride, honour, dignity and unfailing camaraderie amongst Association members and secondly to identify, record and promote unique Infantry tradition and culture characteristics of its members.

To promote and act to protect and continuously develop the interests of the Association and its members and the Association leadership, management or other services associated therewith.

To document, maintain and continuously improve upon the proud history of the Association.

To establish, maintain and continuously develop a strong public image for the Association worldwide.